How to get Started on a Ketogenic Diet

How to get Started on a Ketogenic Diet

  • August 9, 2017
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A ketogenic diet, also known as the Keto diet, is a diet that is known for being extremely low-carb. The way that it works is by changing the way the body harnesses energy. The body produces a number of ketones in the liver that can be used to produce energy, but by adjusting your diet you can also adjust your metabolism so that your body works at gaining energy through diet.

Having a diet extremely high in carbs will cause your body to produce an excessive amount of insulin and glucose. As a reminder, insulin is the compound that’s produced by your body to process glucose, and glucose is the easiest molecule that a body can convert food into in order to produce energy. Glucose is used as the primary energy source, meaning that much of the fat that you already have on your body will continue to be stored. By reducing the total intake of carbs that you have within your body it’s possible to change your metabolism and put it into a state of ketosis.

What happens next is that the body will begin the process of changing fat into energy rather than changing carbohydrates or glucose into energy. What eventually happens with this diet is that the body will continue in this metabolic state. There is no starvation of calories and you can still feel extremely full with the diet, there’s just no inclusion of carbohydrates that can be so easily converted into energy.

As ketones are continually produced by the liver, our bodies will also become incredibly adaptive. Over the course of several weeks our bodies eventually start to adapt and offer us a number of different benefits, such as weight loss, increased mental performance, and more.

The first way to get started with a ketogenic diet involves picking out the right diet plan. Cutting out some of the old carbohydrates and unhealthy fats that used to dominate your diet involves the process of laying out a diet plan that you can stick to.

Some of the basic things that you can eat on a ketogenic diet include fish and seafood, non-starchy vegetables such as leafy greens, lean meats, healthy fats (like olive oil, butter, coconut oil, or tallow), and certain types of berries. The Keto diet is mostly based on natural ingredients and a typical daily menu might include eggs and lean bacon for breakfast, a homemade chicken bone broth with chicken salad for lunch, and a lean steak with roasted veggies for dinner.

If you have a sweet tooth there are even some excellent desserts that can be made with sucralose to give you a boost and satisfy that craving.

Some of the precautions when you start your diet are the changes that you might experience as you adapt. These changes are often called “carb flu”. This occurs when your body starts to adapt to living without carbohydrates. Usually these feelings can last between one to two weeks and you might feel extensively tired, slightly nauseous, or even moody as your body continues to adapt to your new diet. In order to combat “carb flu”, work at getting enough protein with healthy fats or a multivitamin when you start your Keto diet. Also make sure you are well hydrated and consider adding in sweet potatoes and other clean carbs to wean yourself off carbohydrates.

The ketogenic diet is a tool that is really designed to help with weight loss and jumpstart any other workout and diet plan. In most cases, people stick to the Ketogenic diet over several weeks and eventually move on to a paleo or very low-carb diet with exercise later on. By starting with the Keto diet you can work at boosting your mental clarity and health before taking on other diet and exercise plans. This diet can create a dramatic change in your body over the span of just a few short weeks!




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