7 Day Sugar Detox Program

Want more energy and a completely new lease of life?

Take the 7 Day Sugar Detox Program and transform on every level!

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This 7 Day Sugar Detox Program changes everything

Too much sugar is sabotaging your body because it slows your digestion, lowers your metabolism and reduces your immune response. That means you’ll feel bloated, low on energy and always risk burnout and catching bugs. The problem is that getting off sugar seems next to impossible right now. But all that is about to change in just 7 days so you can live a life that’s:

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so you feel calm and collected as you make your way through mid life

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now that you can manage your energy throughout the day the smart way

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in every sense of the word because you’ll be working in harmony with your body

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Believe it’s possible and you’re halfway there

In just 7 short days you can make changes to your life that will allow you to do everything from manage PMS and beat acne, to reduce depression, soothe inflammation and even tackle cellulite. Put all this together and you really are reversing the aging process simply by changing what you put into your body.

To make sure you see the results you deserve, you’ll also get personal support for the whole 7 days:

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Coaching Session

on holistic nutrition and healthy habits

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Unlimited Support

via phone and email whenever you need it

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Custom Food List

complete with easy-to-follow meal planning

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Daily Detox Recipes

that show you how to make drinks you’ll love

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Full Guidance

through the all-important reintroduction phase

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Exclusive Tips

because small changes to your lifestyle matter

Now you know what’s on offer, there’s only one thing left to ask…

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Once payment is received, email your receipt to [email protected] with your start and end dates for 7 days. Ex: Mon to Sun plus the dates. Book your 15 mins detox kick off call.

    Yes, one client lost 10 pounds in 7 days (No guarantees)


    Elle C
    Elle C
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    "Linda is my personal trainer and also life coach. I am very happy to provide a reference for her services. She is great! When I started I had the normal kind of health goals but because of her holistic approach, she soon discovered that I had some se ..."
    Kate P
    Kate P
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    "My work with Linda has been productive, educational, effective… and fun! Over the past few months she’s pushed me to a new level of fitness that makes me feel stronger, healthier, and more confident. Right from the start, Linda was a great listen ..."

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