PAUSE Small Group Training for Women

PAUSE Small Group Training for Women

Are You A Woman Fighting Stubborn Belly Fat?

Pause Small Group Training Sessions Deliver Hormone-Friendly Exercise.

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These Sessions Really Work!

Join 4-6 like-minded women and beat your belly fat during perimenopause, menopause, or post menopause.

Hi, I'm Linda,

A Certified Personal Trainer Specializing In Weight Loss For Women, and I’m Based In Needham

Exercises Specially For Women Midlife

I understand exercise is a stressor that needs to be used the right way.

The exercises that used to work now recruit too much cortisol, making things harder.

As you age your hormones change, often causing hormonal belly fat you can’t shift.

What is Cortisol?

Cortisol is a stress hormone released during exercise which acts as a stressor. While working out is great, cortisol causes you to become more sensitive as you age.

What’s the Solution?

An exercise class that stimulates growth hormones without recruiting cortisol!

Let’s change the way you workout!

What are the Benefits?

Hormone-Friendly exercise classes really work:

Lose Weight

Use an approach that helps midlife women boost metabolism and burn fat.

Get Leaner

Targeted workouts help you address stubborn belly fat and love the way you look.

Grow Stronger

Tailor-made sessions will help you improve every single week.

Have Fun

Small group sessions are a great way to build your confidence and meet like-minded women.

Success Stories:

Elle C
Elle C
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"Linda is my personal trainer and also life coach. I am very happy to provide a reference for her services. She is great! When I started I had the normal kind of health goals but because of her holistic approach, she soon discovered that I had some se ..."
Kate P
Kate P
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"My work with Linda has been productive, educational, effective… and fun! Over the past few months she’s pushed me to a new level of fitness that makes me feel stronger, healthier, and more confident. Right from the start, Linda was a great listen ..."

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