Who We Are

A reliable source of health & wellness information, personal training, holistic nutrition and health workout and coaching.  We are a “one-stop-shop” integrative health and wellness virtual wellness center founded by a natural health lifestyle expert. Services cover all areas of wellbeing and are conducted online, our corporate office in Brookline, Ma & our partner Beacon Hill Athletic Clubs locations & Fitness Unlimited, Milton MA.  There are 7 BHAC locations in Massachusetts: Beacon Hill, North Station, Seaport, Brighton, Brookline, Newton, & Wellesley. We hope you find our website to be a reliable guide to navigating the vast fitness and nutritional landscape. We are a community. Join our tribe on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube. Greetings from our Founder, Linda Abel!

Who i am

My name is Linda Evbu Abel and many thanks for stopping by!

There are a variety of health sites in which you can choose to participate but what I have found interesting is that each of us that have committed ourselves to the health industry have done it because we all have had life experiences that motivated us to take some action.

I became a personal trainer, health, and wellness coach and holistic nutritionist after sustaining a severe leg injury at age 19. After being active my entire young life, I found myself almost completely immobile for close to a year. Over a period of sixteen years, I’ve had multiple surgeries eventually reconstructing my leg with titanium plates and screws.

What Inspired Me To Get Certified?

I tell you this story not for sympathy, but for an understanding of what my personal motivation was to get me to begin empowering myself by studying fitness and nutrition.  I needed to know what steps I could take to help me heal quickly and completely.  As I became more enlightened and encouraged by my friends and family, I pursued and received a Fitness Trainer Certification as a first step.  Following this, I proceeded to become interested in the sum of the entire human body which inspired me to get a second certification in Health and Wellness.

What is a Health & Wellness Coach?

For those of you unfamiliar with what a Wellness coach does here is a brief synopsis.  Wellness coaches can be a nutritionist, personal trainer or therapist.  However, those three are not necessarily Wellness coaches.  The main difference between a Wellness coach and other health practitioners is the approach a Wellness coach takes toward helping you achieve goals you set for yourself.  A Wellness coach’s role is to ask you where and how you want to improve your overall wellness and then guide you to success by monitoring your activities.

I initially pursued these certificates for my personal knowledge and education, but as I became more educated, I discovered I was able to teach and motivate others. My approach with all of my services is a holistic approach which, of course, includes nutrition.

As a natural health specialist in fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle, my approach is to look at the whole person including mind, body, and soul.  I believe both exercise and food is medicine and I believe this because of my lifestyle changes and the successes with many of my clients.

Why Am I Passionate About What I do?

My approach to helping clients who come in with one particular issue is to evaluate why they are there, what they want to accomplish and how I, as a holistic practitioner can not only fix the immediate issue but improve their overall well-being in the process.  This is what I mean with a mind, body, and soul approach to helping clients achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.  It takes time, effort and energy to make radical changes in one’s behavior but what a thrill when they get that occasional “aha” moment after they realize a goal has been reached.  This is what inspires me as a coach and why I am so passionate about what I do while helping others in the process.

XOXO, Linda Evbu Abel