Maura McGarry

"Linda is a great trainer! She brings in health and wellness, knows how much to push and has a great personality. Not only do I have results from the training, she fixed a shoulder issue and increased my flexibility!"

Kristina Follett

"I am currently 8.5 months pregnant and I have been doing personal training sessions with Linda 4x/per month since January (before I was pregnant and throughout my pregnancy) and I love her! She customizes each session based on your personal goals, body stability, intensity preference and any target areas you are working on."

A woman sitting at the table smiling for the camera.

Elle C, /York, Scotland

"Linda is my personal trainer and also life coach. I am very happy to provide a reference for her services. She is great! When I started I had the normal kind of health goals but because of her holistic approach, she soon discovered that I had some serious tightness in my hips and hamstrings – and that this was probably something to do with the back pain I had been having. Linda has integrated exercises to relieve this and to release the tightness. She seems to have a never ending list of exercises and constantly monitors my posture to make sure I’m getting the most out of each exercise. We laugh a lot but she also kicks my butt! My back is definitely on the mend, my core is a lot stronger and I am feeling more toned than I have in a long while. She is also an awesome coach. On our last call, I started out feeling low because of a goal that I hadn’t hit but her questions really helped me reframe it and focus on what I had actually achieved – just in not quite the way I had set out in the previous session. That is typical so I really enjoy the calls and love the weekly accountability."

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Kate P, /Buffalo, NY

"My work with Linda has been productive, educational, effective… and fun! Over the past few months she’s pushed me to a new level of fitness that makes me feel stronger, healthier, and more confident. Right from the start, Linda was a great listener and helped me formulate a plan that met my needs, and was challenging but achievable. We took measurements together and within a few months, I’d lost an inch from my waist, lowered my body fat percentage, and – to my amazement – I gained an inch on my butt, which I thought was destined to be flat forever. Measuring results together was so rewarding and helpful – that’s one of the great things about training with Linda – she is results-focused and helps me to track along the way so I can SEE my progress. Numbers don’t lie! Our training has been diverse, too – incorporating lots of different styles and techniques (pilates, weight training, TRX, kettlebells, and high-intensity interval training just to name a few). We rarely do the same thing twice, and when we do, Linda ups the ante – so if we were counting reps during one session, another session we’ll track duration. I’m never bored! Additionally, when we first started, I had persistent pain from an old injury to my hip flexor. It used to bother me every day, and kept me awake some nights. But through strengthening with Linda, I now rarely have pain – it’s been a really marked improvement. A when I do occasionally have pain, I simply follow the stretching regimen she recommended and find immediate relief. I highly recommend training with Linda. She doesn’t just stand by and rattle off exercises, rather, she consults and partners with you to get you the workout you need. She’s smart, fun, and will get you the results you want to see!"

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Justin A, /Brookline, Ma

"Working with Linda was an amazing experience. She was able to quickly dial in on what I needed to improve on to stay healthy and improve my athletic performance. For me, that was leg flexibility and ankle/calf strength. Over the course of a few months, we saw improvements in my flexibility, stability and strength. Along with being very knowledgable, she’s extremely personable and working with her was a highlight of every week."

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