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Take Care Fitness

Searching for a smarter approach to senior fitness?

Well Taken Care Of is proud to be a Needham-based personal training studio focused on seniors looking to improve quality of life.

We help seniors of all abilities make the changes that make the difference.

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Welcome to Take Care Fitness

Through years of experience, we’ve created a personal approach to senior fitness that allows everyone to feel like they’re making life-changing progress. Take Care Fitness is about providing suitable stimulation for body and mind in a way that allows seniors of all abilities to make progress, see results and get more from life. It’s all part of our commitment to giving back by providing services that help seniors live their best lives, every single day. Here’s just a few of the ways we can be of service:

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Targeted Fitness Classes

that help everyone make improvements to quality of life

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Fitness Room Staffing

that ensures support and guidance are always available

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Personal Training For Seniors

who want to focus on a specific key area of training

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Group Training For Seniors

that adds in important social elements along the way

Put all of these together and you start to see why Well Taken Care Of is the natural choice for all forms of senior fitness provision.

A Journey, Not Just A program

At Well Taken Care Of, we understand the importance of targeting the underlying issues to achieve long-lasting results in senior fitness. Our approach is centered around embracing one's individuality, setting clear goals, and fostering self-compassion throughout the journey. We believe that this holistic approach is the key to successfully rebuilding and enhancing overall fitness for seniors.

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Results every senior can achieve

Our fully certified approach to training ensures every senior gets the right plan for them, ensuring they see progress faster than they can believe. We’re also constantly expanding our training session options to cover all the bases:

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Strength Building

that gives seniors better quality of life

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Endurance Enhancement

that allows them to do so much more

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Balance & Flexibility

for improved movement and coordination

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Brain Stimulation

that helps keep them active on every level

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HIIT & Circuit Training

tailored to seniors wanting to improve

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Arthritis-Specific Training

that ensures no one is left out


Elle C
Elle C
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"Linda is my personal trainer and also life coach. I am very happy to provide a reference for her services. She is great! When I started I had the normal kind of health goals but because of her holistic approach, she soon discovered that I had some se ..."
Kate P
Kate P
Read More
"My work with Linda has been productive, educational, effective… and fun! Over the past few months she’s pushed me to a new level of fitness that makes me feel stronger, healthier, and more confident. Right from the start, Linda was a great listen ..."

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