Energy means a lot of things to people. Most people classify energy as the ability for physical or mental activity, but it doesn’t stop there. We use energy to make movements, and we need it to speak and carry out our daily activities. Many people we see on the streets have lost their strength; they don’t have the energy to carry out their daily activities.

Here at Well Taken Care Of, we believe that most of the diseases we see in the human body is the result of blockage of energy flow in the body or the imbalance of energy on one side of the body. When energy balance is restored, the body begins a healing process.

Energy imbalance is the result of too much nerve energy that is sent to a part of the body in response to pain or dysfunction. Nerve energy is an electrical signal sent along the path of the nerve. All electrical signals also have a magnetic field. The magnetic field is so weak around this nerve impulse that it seems to be immeasurable. When you do not take measures to restore energy balance in the body, a clinical result can be measured. If the balance is not restored, the body becomes trapped in an endless loop trying to make corrections. The result is an imbalance in which the deficient side develops painful trigger points. These trigger points are formed in the areas where acupuncture meridians are located. Therapies have been developed using these points to release energy blockages and allow the right amount of energy to run. Needles are not needed for this. These are the same acupressure points used by massage therapists, as well as other types of therapists to release tension, increase blood flow and strengthen the power of natural life in the body.

When you are sick physically or emotionally, unbalanced energy forces are created. This is where energy healing is to balance the fields of electromagnetic energy and balancing the flow of energy in the body and restoring lost physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health.

Healing energy can be described as a holistic healing method that covers the body, mind, and spirit as well. It is fast gaining popularity, and people with incurable diseases are invited to try the traditional practice. Those who have used this type of alternative treatment confessed that they had experienced very fast and effective relief of many diseases.

Here at WTCO, we provide the best healing energy service to our clients in accordance with their conditions whether emotional, spiritual, physical or mental.

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