Well Taken Care Of has a team of experts that regularly work with doctors to help them take better care of their patients in a targeted and holistic way. Our purpose is to support doctors by offering them evidence-based, cutting-edge knowledge about health and wellness issues. Our doctor support programs fall in two main categories:

Health and Wellness Coaching

As part of our health and wellness coaching program, we collaborate with doctors to share with them the latest research and technology in offering health and wellness consultancy to their patients. Nowadays, most diseases and chronic health problems occur due to poor lifestyles, negative attitudes and poor emotional health.
Here at Well Taken Care Of, we build strong links with doctors in the community to help them offer better consultancy to their patients about health and wellness issues. This covers a range of areas including the following:

  • Holistic diet and nutrition plans
  • Physical health and fitness programs
  • Mental and emotional health coaching
  • Holistic wellbeing
  • Emotional freedom technique

Medical Marijuana Patient Consulting

Medical use of marijuana is a controversial area and many doctors work in an uncertain legal and regulatory environment concerning its use.
Through our medical marijuana patient consulting programs, we liaise with doctors to educate them about the most effective products, therapies and dosage requirements when prescribing cannabis to their patients.
Our coaching is the latest and most reliable scientific research and in line with legal requirements.