The Perfect 24-Hour Swimsuit Season Schedule

The Perfect 24-Hour Swimsuit Season Schedule

  • January 26, 2017
  • By Admin : la

Swimsuit season is here, a season dreaded by most, but because now’s the time to uncover what has been hidden from public view during these cold winter months.

Our mission here is to have a bloat-free, firm skin while feeling confident and looking fabulous in your bathing suit.

So don’t fret. Follow these simple steps today so you’ll be beach ready for tomorrow!

  • Wake Up

Rebound (aka trampoline) for 5 minutes (get the lymphatic system moving to facilitate the removal of toxins that have been building up in the body).

No trampoline? Substitute with a jump rope or do jumping jacks.

  • Post Shower

Apply apple cider vinegar topically to aid with the absorption of creams/lotions, then add Retinol cream to expedite cellular turnover of dead skin.

Drink: 32 oz. of water

Drink: cup of warm lemon water

Drink: detox water – cucumber, mint, lemon, ginger water in an infuser (1 gallon)

Sip throughout the day

  • Breakfast

Buckwheat (substitute with gluten-free low-glycemic carbohydrate)

Almond milk

Blueberries or raspberries

Chia or flax seeds

  • Drink

Black tea or coffee

Add collagen hydrolysate powder (supports collagen production)

Add Matcha green tea (antioxidants that promote skin health)

  • Lunch

Quinoa (substitute with any gluten-free/low-glycemic carbohydrate)

Spinach (substitute with non-cruciferous veggies)

Salmon (substitute with skinless chicken)

Chia seeds (add for extra fiber and crunch)

  • Snack

Greek yogurt (with active live cultures)


  • Workout

Foam roll

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) (most effective for fat loss and gaining lean muscle mass)


Foam roll

  • Dinner

Non-starchy veggie stir-fry sautéed in coconut oil

Low-glycemic carbs and gluten-free carbs (quinoa or buckwheat)

Avoid animal protein, saturated fat, and high-sodium foods before bedtime, as it is hard to digest and a recipe for bloating.

  • Snacks

Greek yogurt (with active live cultures)


  • Beach Day

(Repeat) Rebounder

(Repeat) Warm lemon water

(Repeat) 32 oz. water

Shower with used coffee grounds

Create coffee scrub with coconut oil

Let sit for 10 minutes then wash and dry (firms skin lasts for several hours)

By improving circulation and minimizing the appearance of cellulite while making the skin firmer, you’ll look great on a beach day!

(Repeat) Apply apple cider vinegar and Retinol on loose skin and cellulite post shower.

(Repeat) Breakfast

Drink parsley tea (a natural diuretic)

(Repeat) Drink detox water throughout the hot day!

Results: Look amazing and feel confident in your bathing suit with your flat belly and firm skin!

  • Keys to Success

Avoid bloat-causing foods and drinks

Reduce sodium intake

Reduce saturated fat intake

Drink plenty of water!

Avoid cruciferous veggies (bloat-inducing)

Dairy (except Greek yogurt for probiotics)

Foam roll: breaks up cellulite for the appearance of smoother skin

Rebounding: aids the lymphatic system as a pump since the system relies solely on movement.

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