Holistic Nutrition Coaching

As an AFPA Certified Holistic Nutritionist trained in natural complementary nutrition, I have successfully:

  • Coached clients on how to identify and help correct the nutritional causes of major health complaints.
  • Designed personalized diet and lifestyle programs that optimized health
  • Counseled on good holistic nutrition, healthy wholesome eating habits, and nutrition monitoring to improve their quality of life
  • Advised on nutrition principles, food plans, diet modifications, and food selection and preparation
  • Assessed optimal nutritional needs, diet restrictions, and current health plans; developed and implemented nutritional plans; and provided nutritional counseling
  • Organized, developed, analyzed, tested, and prepared meal plans that are optimal for each individual’s needs
  • Consulted on habits for consciously eating healthy foods that promote vibrant physical and mental health while supporting a strong immune system and preventing disease
  • Directed clients on the benefits of a plant-based diet, macro and micronutrient intake, supplement recommendations, different dietary theories, and other nutrition considerations.

Source: AFPA

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