Functional Benefits of Glute Exercises

Functional Benefits of Glute Exercises

  • August 9, 2017
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Glutes are among the largest muscles in the human body. These, along with the hamstrings are responsible for a wide variety of movements, such as extending and rotating the hip and ensuring proper pelvis alignment. Regularly exercising the glutes can lead to better posture, reduced injuries, and improved athletic performance.

Reduced body fat

Glute exercises also help reduce excess fat. Working these muscles helps to consume extra calories and prevent fat from building up. Because of their large size, glute muscles are a natural choice for people wanting to increase their fat-burning rate. Typical exercises involving glutes include lunges and squats, and people can incorporate them into a regular full-body workout.

Reduced muscle injuries

When your glute muscles are strong, they are better able to bear the load of your upper back. However, when they’re weak the muscles of the lower back have to take over and pick up the slack. Since these muscles are not designed for this particular function, the lower back suffers from strain-related injuries as a result. Over time, these injuries can even extend to the hips, resulting in painful conditions such as sprains, damaged ligaments, and tendonitis. Simple exercises like clamshells, dead lifts, and hip thrusts can result in properly aligned hips and knees (

Stronger bones

You can delay the onset of bone-related diseases, such as osteoporosis (weakening of the bones), through regular glute exercises. Nowadays, even people in their thirties have started showing signs of reduced bone density. Yoga, running as well as weight training can strengthen bone density to postpone the weakening process (

Better sports performance

Glute exercises can also result in better athletic performance, as the glute muscles play a crucial role in running speed and stamina. Regularly stretching and exercising the lower body can help you attain increased flexibility in the hip region (, making it easier to improve your performance in just about any sport.

Correct posture

Your posture will benefit immensely from regular glute exercises, especially if you spend long hours seated at a desk. The areas that typically show the greatest improvement with regular lunges, dead lifts, and squats are the hips and the spine (Beth Rifkin: Glute exercises will also help you tuck in the protruding belly that develops over an extended period of sitting. You’ll also end up losing a few pounds and looking taller as a bonus!

Good posture and stamina are essential requirements for a healthy, active lifestyle. Furthermore, a well-toned body contributes to improved confidence and self-esteem. By developing stronger glutes, you will be able to attain these benefits and acquire a healthier body.