Bulletproof Coffee: A New Fad?

Bulletproof Coffee: A New Fad?

  • August 2, 2017
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Bulletproof coffee is coffee prepared with a unique recipe that focuses on high-fat content. It’s super beneficial for a high-fat diet.

What makes bulletproof coffee unique?

  • Bulletproof coffee comes from low-mold coffee beans that only grow in certain countries, such as Colombia and Guatemala. These beans are special because they contain fewer mycotoxins that regular coffee beans.
  • Bulletproof coffee also has grass-fed unsalted butter and a bit of coconut cream in it.
  • Another primary ingredient in bulletproof coffee is medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, which is a derivative of natural coconut oil.

Thanks to these ingredients, bulletproof coffee is not only more powerful but also almost a complete meal.

Here’s how these ingredients help your body:

  • Low-mold coffee beans: Low-mold beans containing mycotoxins are healthier for the body.
  • Grass-fed, unsalted butter: Grass-fed butter/ghee is high in nutrients and has a firm texture, which many people find it to produce a richer taste.
  • MCT oil: Provides a steady release of energy from fat metabolized in the body and stimulates hormones in the body to make you feel full for longer.

What are the benefits?

Bulletproof coffee offers several benefits, although scientific studies have yet to support these claims.

Mental alertness
Bulletproof coffee comprises of low-mold coffee beans, which are high in bioflavonoids. These compounds stimulate neural activity in the brain and help improve cognitive functioning.

Physical fitness

  • The caffeine in bulletproof coffee aids in increasing physical energy and endurance.
    Caffeine also promotes maintaining a positive mood.
  • Because of the high butter content, the body also acquires other nutrients such as vitamins A and D, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • MCT oil increases ketone levels in the body, due to which increases the metabolic rate and helps the body to burn fat fast. This is especially good for those who like to work out because burning fat can help you lose weight and develop a toned, muscular body.
  • In addition, MCT oil helps you avoid excessive calorie intake. It influences hormone activity to achieve satiation faster, so you feel hungry less often. Fewer cravings mean that you eat only when your body truly needs it.



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